Employment, Promotion and Local Development


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Completed a training course in gardening that improves access to the labor market

The practices have been carried out in the municipal nursery and in green areas of the city

24 Apr 2017
Employment teaches to create your own company with Emprendeaventur @ 2017

María Jesús Pinto encourages entrepreneurs who have an idea to get it started

6 Apr 2017
Benidorm will collaborate with FVMP and Servef in the program of Teams for the Search of Employment based on 'coaching'

The City Council attends the request of both entities and will make available to the program two rooms and a warehou

3 Apr 2017
Employment proposes a new training program to boost entrepreneurship

Registration is free and the workshops will be held in the center 'Pepita Puchades'

13 Mar 2017
The City Council and Obra Social La Caixa strengthen their collaboration in the field of employment

The councilor for Employment, Development and Local Development of the City of Benidorm, Mª Jesús Pinto, met represen

6 Mar 2017


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S.ª D.ª Maria Jesús Pinto Caballero
S.ª D.ª Maria Jesús Pinto Caballero
Citizen Participation, Consumption, Employment, Development and Local Development, Citizen, Statistics and EE.AA.MM